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They are highly segmented, human hair wigs with bangs and have one pair of legs per segment. The first pair of appendages are usually modified as antennae. Or you can learn for the first time about a practice quickly becoming a universal fad. Ticks are bloodsucking parasites, and can carry diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. Can you keep a job with a beard? Insects have a head, thorax, and abdomen, with three pair of legs (6 legs) on the thorax. The thorax and head are fused into a single unit (cephalothorax). I especially like chest hair, and like it when they let their head hair grow out.

The bearded group rated themselves as much more “masculine” than the other two groups, even though they knew the beards were fake — just seeing the outline of hair on their faces made them think of themselves as more manly. Most insects have one or two pairs of wings. Insects have extremely elaborate mouthparts, consisting of pairs of appendages fused into a lower lip (labium), and an upper lip (labrum), with other appendages called maxillae aiding in chewing. Another set of anterior appendages are modified as mandibles, which function in grasping, biting, and chewing food. They not only look different, they live in different places and eat different food.

Look at the legs. How do the various groups use their legs to walk, swim, feed or mate? Notice how flat the body is, and contrast the number of legs with those of the millipede. Watch the way the millipede moves. The polychaete worm Nereis moves in exactly the same way. Crustaceans are mostly marine, and dominate the ocean to the same degree that insects dominate the land and air. Class Diplopoda – (10,000 sp.) Millipedes share the same habitat as centipedes, but they are mostly herbivorous, feeding on decaying vegetation in the leaf litter. They feed on decaying vegetation in the leaf litter.

Animals that feed on detritus are called detritivores. All crustaceans share a common type of larva called a nauplius larva. Many groups of crustaceans have lost this extra appendage during subsequent evolution. Crustaceans have biramous appendages. The Order Decapoda have five pair of walking legs, and include the familiar crabs, lobsters, and crayfish. It has an oval body with extremely long legs, which they frequently lose in various accidents and brushes with predators. Sometimes, the red bumps on your body do not itch at all. Though some will feel this writing was done in a wrong spirit and others will undoubtedly consider me backslid, I felt a need to write this.

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