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Before beginning chemo, Dear Hubby and I signed up for a required chemo class at the hospital where I would be receiving it. If you saw the movie and have had chemo, you know exactly who I’m talking about. Guys who are single are usually the culprits of a casual flirtation. Also available are indoor and outdoor pools, access to the gym and tennis courts. Once you are done having fun outdoors, head to the spa for an afternoon of pampering and relaxation. I even walk around the house without wearing anything on my head. It seems most chemo patients shave their heads as soon as hair loss begins or even before. No matter why you’re losing your hair, and whatever treatment you select to slow or improve the process, your best bet may be just to shave your head.

Shave it all off early or let it fall out slowly. I lamented when it began to fall out in clumps, and I still carefully pluck strands from the back of my clothes as if saying goodbye to old friends. Granted, it’s not much, but there’s still some there. Anyway, here I am post chemo session 7, and I still have some hair on my head. Nothing too complicated here. When I started chemo back in July, October seemed sooo far away and now here it is. Fall has always been my favorite season and this year I am loving it even more because it’s when chemo ends!

Why kids will love it: Feeding baby animals; milking cows and goats; playing with kittens; hay rides; fall corn mazes; bonfires and s’mores; fishing; kite flying. If your head has a nice shape, remy dark blonde frost hair extensions why wait? I guess the point of all this rambling, is that you can and should do what you want about shaving your head. How do you feel about shaving your head? It makes them feel more in control they say. Using an auto-switching company such as WeFlip or Look After My Bills can take the effort out of switching as you will be moved to a more competitive tariff automatically.

We evaluated those dimensions using 37 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights. Men who have thinning hair inherit hair follicles that are over-sensitive to dihydrotestosterone. I mean, is there really anyone on the planet who doesn’t understand that chemo usually (though not always, so don’t assume) equals hair loss? At the class, we received a packet full of information, watched a video and listened to a chemo nurse talk a bit about what to expect. Kinky straight weaves are full and textured in their natural state, but mimic how this sort of hair looks when it’s blown out. I hope the photo of me and my disappearing hair doesn’t scare anyone away.

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